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Get the Observability Experts

    Reduce MTTR by increasing visibility

Many companies don't have good end-to-end observability for their distributed services. Lack of visibility is number one problem for growing software teams. Be more confident and implement cloud native and cost effective observability practice. Avoid tooling sprawl and build efficient monitoring system to reduce operational overhead and downtime.

    Our skills

    Prometheus-Grafana-Loki (PLG) stack
    APMs like Datadog, Signoz, Uptrace
    Prometheus long term storage solutions such as Thanos, Cortex, and VictoriaMetrics.
    Observability pipelines with Vector, logstash or similar tools

    Commercial Support Partners

CloudRaft is an official support partner of Prometheus, one of the most popular timeseries database for monitoring and observability. Our experts are highly experienced with Prometheus and its related ecosystem.

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