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Platform Engineering Consulting Services

Reduce the Cognitive Load of your Engineering Team

Platform Engineering Consulting by CloudRaft

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Why Platform Engineering?

Platform engineering is vital as the complexity of applications and infrastructure increases. The absence of standardization across systems and services often indicates the need for platform engineering solutions. Accelerate product devlopment and delivery by reusing and sharing platform tools and knowledge across teams. Unlock the full potential of your team with our expert consulting services.

Benefits of Platform Engineering

Increased Agility and Faster Go-to-market

Remove the complexities of infrastructure management and make shorter development cycles.

Reduced Operational Cost

Reduce costs with a streamlined and standardized platform that requires fewer resources to maintain the infrastructure.

Improved Security and Compliance

Enforces security and best practices by using well-defined Guardrails.

Streamlined Collaboration and Inter-Service Visibility

Follows the need for better collaboration and adequate visibility between services.

Improving DevEx

Self-service capabilities, clear documentation and streamlined workflows.

Internal Developer Platform

Centralized access to essential tools, docs, and resources for development, testing, and deployment

Golden Path

A standardized approach comprising tools, practices, and workflows to guide devs in deploying applications effectively.

Internal Developer Portal Solutions

Self Service

Discover and utilize internal APIs, tools, documentation, and resources.

Rapid product development

Deliver by reusing and sharing platform tools and knowledge across teams.

Service Catalog and Repository

Overview of all projects, services, statuses, docs, ownership, and on-call schedules.

Encourage best practices

Nurture a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

IDP Support
Platform Engineering Landscape

Trust our Domain Expertise

We are cloud-native experts who specialize in platform engineering. We aim to assist engineering teams in effectively managing platforms, integrating services, mitigating risks, and meeting compliance requirements. We offer guidance, insights, and tools to optimize their platforms to focus on innovation, improved engineering productivity, and go-to-market.

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We provide end-to-end support, from choosing a tool/ platform to building an MVP. Expert guidance throughout the process.

    Adopt Developer Automation

    Our support includes streamlining developer workflows through automation tools and practices to enhance efficiency and accelerate development cycles within the platform engineering framework.

    IaC and IDP

    Ensure efficiency and and scalability in deployment processes. We'll help you set up best practices in platform engineering. Benefit from our Backstage Consulting as well!

    Expert Guidance

    We'll help you to make informed decisions on selecting the right tools and technologies, aligning choices with organizational priorities and long-term objectives.

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What our customer say about us


CloudRaft assisted in migrating to the latest versions of Kubernetes and Postgres, while also taking advantage of additional capabilities. The task of managing live infrastructure that is actively used by customers in production requires special attention, and they successfully navigated this challenge. Furthermore, they researched new technologies relevant to our use case and provided valuable recommendations. CloudRaft team was dedicated and professional in delivering the desired outcome, and we highly recommend their services.

Udaya Bhaskar Reddy

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