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AI Infrastructure and GPU Cloud Consulting

Unleash the Power of AI with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

Harness the boundless potential of AI with our industry-leading GenAI, AI infrastructure and expert GPU cloud consulting services. Be it baremetal or Cloud, we have expertise to build GPU cloud using cloud native stack to power the latest AI models, LLMs, and ML workloads. Utilize the innovative approaches to slice, partition and use fractional GPUs to make it cost effective.

Build your own AI cloud with our expertise!

Build AI Cloud with CloudRaft

We are building India's AI Supercloud.

Our Core Offerings

Build AI Infrastructure

Comprehensive AI infrastructure expertise: bare metal, VMs, GPU configs, networking, high-speed storage.

AI Orchestration

Efficient AI workflow orchestration with Kubernetes and Slurm for resource management, scaling, hybrid/multi-cloud deployments.


Seamless MLOps integration with Ray, Kubeflow, and CI/CD pipelines for continuous AI model delivery.

AI and LLM Observability

Deep insights on AI, LLM performance, and GPU utilization for maximized ROI.

Build AI Applications

Accelerate Enterprise AI journey with GenAI Solutions, LLM fine-tuning, RAG solutions, and vector databases.

AI Optimization

Implement optimization at every layer of AI, right from GPUs to Inferencing.

Trust our Expertise

Tailored Solutions ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability.

GPU Cloud for Data Centers and Cloud Providers

GPU Cloud Solutions for data centers, optimizing hardware investment and delivering value to end users.

Large enterprises building internal AI Cloud Platforms

Assisting large enterprises in developing in-house AI Cloud Platforms tailored to their specific needs, ensuring security and compliance.

Sovereign AI Cloud for Air-gapped Environments

Implementing Sovereign AI Cloud solutions for organizations operating in secure or air-gapped environments, prioritizing data and model security.

VMs with GPU access for data scientists and ML engineers

Providing Virtual machines with GPU access to empower data scientists and ML engineers with the necessary compute resources in cost-effective way.

One-click deployment of models

Streamlining model deployment with One-click deployment solutions, simplifying the workflow, and reducing operational overhead.

Implementing RAG models

Implementation of RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) for enhanced natural language understanding and generation tasks for various Gen AI Enterprise use-cases.

Our AI Success Stories

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Our Insights

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Unlock the full potential of AI with Cloud Native.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and learn how our consulting services can help you build AI cloud, drive efficiency, site reliability, and scalability for your organization.