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Unlock Maximum Performance with Kubernetes on Bare Metal

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Kubernetes on Bare Metal Consulting by CloudRaft

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Advantages of Running Kubernetes on Bare Metal

Maximum Performance

Eliminate the overhead of virtualization layers, bare metal deployments deliver unparalleled performance, making them ideal for compute-intensive workloads

Infrastructure Flexibility

Complete control over your hardware infrastructure, tailor your specific workload requirements, and optimize resource utilization.

Full Control of Security

Eliminate the security risks associated with shared infrastructure and implement advanced security measures.

Network Performance

Bare metal environments offer direct access to high-speed networking interfaces, ensuring low-latency communication and optimal network performance for your distributed applications.

Cost Control

Bare metal Kubernetes deployments can provide significant cost savings by increasing the compute density, especially for long-running and resource-intensive workloads.

High-Performing AI Workloads

Running Kubernetes on bare metal provides the necessary computational power and efficiency for demanding AI workloads, ensuring optimal performance without the overhead of virtualization.

Elevate your Operations with Strategic Consulting

Embarking on a bare-metal Kubernetes journey requires careful planning and execution. Experience the Power of Bare Metal Kubernetes. Our experts will guide you through all the key steps.

Optimal Hardware Selection

We help you select the ideal hardware, focusing on GPUs, CPUs, memory, storage, and networking. Our expertise ensures compatibility with edge devices and IoT hardware for distributed and latency-sensitive applications. Leveraging GPUs in a bare metal setup enhances computational power, perfect for high-performance AI tasks and processing large datasets efficiently.

Bare Metal Providers
Software Selection

Tailored Software Selection

We assist in selecting the right Kubernetes distribution and tools to ensure hardware compatibility. Using projects like Kubespray, we set up custom Kubernetes clusters. Choose Talos for efficient, automated deployments or the lightweight K3s distribution for a streamlined experience. For database use cases, we ensure seamless integration and high performance, ideal for managing and scaling database workloads on bare metal.

DIY Kubernetes Installation, Talos, K3s

Cluster Management

Our experts will recommend and configure cluster management tools, such as Kubernetes operators and custom resource definitions, to streamline the deployment and management of your applications.


We'll design and implement a robust networking architecture, considering load balancing, service discovery, and network policies to ensure optimal performance and security.


We'll implement comprehensive monitoring and observability solutions to track the health and performance of your bare metal infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which IoT devices are compatible with your bare metal Kubernetes solutions?

Our bare metal Kubernetes solutions are compatible with a wide range of IoT devices, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for distributed and latency-sensitive applications. We support devices like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson , and various other edge devices to cater to your specific IoT needs.

Which bare metal cloud providers do you support?

We support several popular bare metal cloud providers, including Equinix Metal, Hetzner, AWS Bare Metal, and NVIDIA for edge devices. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and management of Kubernetes on these platforms.

How do you support AI workloads at the edge on bare metal?

We support AI workloads at the edge by leveraging powerful GPUs in bare metal environments. This setup provides the computational power needed for high-performance AI tasks, ensuring low latency and high efficiency. Our solutions are designed to handle the demands of AI applications, from model training to real-time inference at the edge.

What are other services you provide on bare metal?

In addition to Kubernetes deployments, we offer several other services on bare metal infrastructure. We provide support for running high-performance databases such as PostgreSQL and ClickHouse, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Our services include hardware selection, software configuration, and comprehensive monitoring to maximize the efficiency of your database operations. By leveraging bare metal servers, we help you achieve superior performance, enhanced security, and cost savings for your database needs.

Do you provide managed services for Kubernetes on bare metal?

Yes. we provide managed services for Kubernetes on bare metal. Connect with us

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CloudRaft assisted in migrating to the latest versions of Kubernetes and Postgres, while also taking advantage of additional capabilities. The task of managing live infrastructure that is actively used by customers in production requires special attention, and they successfully navigated this challenge. Furthermore, they researched new technologies relevant to our use case and provided valuable recommendations. CloudRaft team was dedicated and professional in delivering the desired outcome, and we highly recommend their services.

Udaya Bhaskar Reddy

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Achieve High Performance with Kubernetes on Bare Metal

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