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CloudRaft and KloudMate join forces to transform Observability

Anjul Sahu

Anjul Sahu

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with KloudMate, an innovative end-to-end observability platform. This collaboration aims to enhance application & infrastructure insights, thereby enabling clients to improve SLA and optimize their resource utilization. CloudRaft has established itself as a luminary in Cloud Native Engineering, DevOps, and Platform Engineering. Our expertise lies in providing exceptional consulting services that greatly benefit engineering teams.

KloudMate is a comprehensive tool that provides centralized observability for microservices and distributed applications. It offers an extensive suite of features under a simple, usage-based pricing matrix that makes it easy for organizations to monitor their applications, identify issues, and troubleshoot problems in real time, all while avoiding the unpredictability often associated with billing in observability platforms.

Bringing Robust Observability to our Clients

"We are excited to partner with KloudMate, an observability platform that provides valuable insights into application infrastructure. We work together to provide cost-effective and valuable observability solutions for our clients," expressed Anjul Sahu, CEO of CloudRaft. "This partnership will help our clients improve application performance, boost developer productivity, and optimize resource utilization, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue."

Leveraging eBPF & OpenTelemetry, KloudMate provides real-time visibility into application performance monitoring (APM). It offers distributed tracing, metrics collection, log storage, and an in-house on-call incident module. There is no necessity for external integrations such as PagerDuty or OpsGenie.

Besides its advanced features, KloudMate's user-friendly UX allows for easy setup and utilization for non-technical users, making it an indispensable tool for modern engineering teams.

With this partnership, CloudRaft aims to further enhance its portfolio of services by integrating KloudMate's observability platform into its cloud consulting solutions.

"At KloudMate, we are very excited to collaborate with CloudRaft, a renowned authority in cloud-native observability," expressed Pranab Buragohain, CEO of KloudMate. "This partnership empowers us to deliver robust observability solutions, equipping our clients with the tools they need to monitor their applications and enhance performance."

By combining CloudRaft's proficiency in cloud-native solutions with KloudMate's robust observability solution, customers can now access unparalleled insights and exercise greater control over their application environments. This powerful partnership ensures a better user experience, giving clients a complete solution that improves performance and increases efficiency.

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About CloudRaft

CloudRaft is a leading cloud-native consulting company. We are dedicated to guiding enterprises through the digital era with our expertise in DevOps and cloud native ecosystems. Our agile approach and innovative solutions enhance the tech arsenal, preparing businesses for the demands of tomorrow.

About KloudMate

KloudMate stands out as a comprehensive Application Monitoring and Observability platform, adept at managing and monitoring cross-region cloud inventories, performance, costs, and billing. Their suite of tools extends a 360-degree view of applications, streamlining the operational intricacies of various business environments.

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