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Kubernetes Consulting & Services

    Strategic and Advisory

We partner with you to evaluate and analyze your current applications and infrastructure. Whether you're just beginning or have an established setup, we work with you to determine your requirements and offer practical suggestions for improvement and optimization based on your level of maturity. Our team will create a plan for elevating your Kubernetes platform, increasing developer productivity and enhancing end user performance, all while keeping costs low and minimizing pain points for operations teams.

    Application Development and Migration

You want to migrate existing applications to Kubernetes? We can help you plan, assess and containerize apps and migrate to Kubernetes platform. We use our expert knowledge and experience to implement best practices right from the start. We also provide custom development services to extend Kubernetes to implement advanced solutions using Kubernetes Controllers and Operators.

    Security and Compliance

We provide deep expertise in implementing good security practices in the platform to align with various compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001 etc. If you are looking to get certified for these compliances, talk to us. We can implement container security, end-to-end encryption, zero trust architectures, supply chain security and vulnerability scanning solutions for your cloud native infrastructure.

    Support and Maintenance

Sometimes, it is better to offload your worries to experts who can help you manage your services, while you focus on your business. We undertake Kubernetes support and management to provide extra hands to your teams and external expertise. Our team comprises of Kubernetes Certified Administrators (CKAs) and have many years of production grade experience in small to large enterprises.

DevOps Consulting

    CI/CD and Automation

Automate your builds and deployment to improve your developer productivity. Implement advanced strategies such as zero downtime deployments, feature flagging, canary and much more.

    Programmable Infrastructure (IaC)

Create modular components of your Cloud and Kubernetes stack to reduce the operational overhead of managing multiple environments with ease and enforce policies and have a better review processes with Infrastructure as Code. Be it Terraform, Pulumi, Cloudformation, Crossplane or Helm, we can do it all.

Cloud Consulting

    Cloud Design and Architecture

Create a modern cloud native architecture and implement Well-Archicted framework to create robust, cost-effective and secured architecture that last for a long time

    Cloud Security

Implement security practices to align with industry best practices. We also do security review and help you implement compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001 and more.

    Cost Optimization

On an average, 30% of cloud resources are wasted due to poor governance, Don't waste your money! We help you do one-time cleanup and reduce expenditure and setup a continuous governance process with automation to keep the cost under control.